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O Holy Vibration, Boom on the shores of my consciousness.  Break the limiting boundary of my consciousness in the body.  Reverberate through my body, mind, soul, my surroundings, the cities, the earth, the planets, the universe, and every particle of creation.  Unite my consciousness with cosmic consciousness.


Parahamansa Yogananda must have had the didgeridoo in mind when he wrote these words.  I  was called to the didgeridoo sometime in the mid-1990s.  I struggled with it for about six months trying to learn how to play, and finally I had a dream one night: a little black guy came along and sat down with me and we played together, directly transmitting to me the ability to play.

The didgeridoo is probably the worlds's oldest wind instrument, and it is said to have originated with the aboriginal inhabitants of the Australian continent, some 40,000 years ago.  Authentic Australian didgeridoos ae made from trunks or limbs of eucalyptus trees which have been hollowed out by termites.  The didge, as we call it, has spread throughout the world, and is made from many other types of woods as well as a variety of other materials including; agave, leather, kelp, crystal, plastic, ceramics and paper.

My approach to the didgeridoo is of a spiritual nature. I am by no means a very accomplished  player. There are legions much better than me. I  identify and honor a great many  of them in the LINKS page.  Meanwhile, I  am pleased to introduce those of you who happen to meet me personally and /or who come upon this website to this fantastic instrument.  There are many stories about the origin on the didgeridoo, but as far as I know, none address the question of exactly what it is.  .  My theory based on personal philosophical- metaphysical musings is that There is a spirit of creation which is responsible for the coming into being of all things in the universe. This spirit exists in the didgeridoo.  When we play the instrument we give the spirit an opportunity to sing, and so we and the didgeridoo instrument become the voice of that spirit.

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